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How to Install Alertus Desktop Notification Software

Installation Requirements

  • Network connectivity (Wireless, Wired or Guest Wireless)
  • Operating system of Windows 10, 11 or MacOS 12/13/14
  • Access to a user account with administrative rights to install the application

*If you are on a University owned computer and do not have administrative rights, contact your LanTech for access to Alertus.

Installation Instructions

Windows Systems 

  1. Go to download link
  2. An Installation Wizard will appear that will guide you through the setup process. 
  3. Verify Alertus is running by checking the yellow Alertus icon in the system tray.

Mac Systems

  1. Go to download link
  2. Download the file locally.
  3. Double-click to install file.
  4. It’s fine to delete the installer file from your computer’s desktop after the program has been successfully installed.
  5. Verify Alertus Desktop is running by checking for the yellow Alertus icon in the Apple menu bar.
  6. If you don’t see the yellow Alertus icon in the Apple menu bar, go to your Applications folder and double-click the Alertus application.

Questions or Problems with the Alertus Desktop Notification Software?
Contact the NC State HelpDesk at or 919-515-HELP (4357)