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NC State’s emergency communication system, WolfAlert, shares timely and important messages to the university community. WolfAlerts communicate crime warnings, safety notices, emergency and inclement weather notifications.

Important Information

  • To report an emergency at NC State University always dial 911.
  • Emergency Status Information: 919-513-8888
  • Campus Police (Non-Emergency): 919-515-3000
  • Monthly WolfAlert tests are scheduled for 12:15 p.m. on the first Monday of every month.

WolfAlert Notification Tier

WolfAlerts notifying of an emergency quickly alert the campus community of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to its health or safety.

Situations ranging from tornado warnings to active shooters warrant emergency notifications. These alerts are issued by broadcast email, campus billboards, desktop notifications, text message or audible alert. The university home page and social media channels may also be used.

WolfAlerts notifying of a crime warning alert the campus community to Clery crimes occurring anywhere on NC State’s Clery geography and are considered to be a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.

The crime may have occurred in the past but constitutes an ongoing threat. Examples of crimes where crime warnings may be issued include, but are not limited to, sexual assaults, burglary, robbery, or aggravated assaults. These alerts are issued by broadcast email, text message, and the OnCampus App by University Police or Emergency Management and Mission Continuity.

WolfAlerts communicating a safety notice make the campus community aware of crimes that do not occur within NC State’s Clery geography but are useful for informational and safety purposes.

These notices may include weather related information and non-criminal event updates. These alerts are issued by broadcast email, text message, and the OnCampus App by University Communications, Emergency Management and Mission Continuity or University Police.

Methods of Emergency Notification and Communication

Campus Sirens

An emergency warranting use of the audible alert system will be initiated by a pulsed tone lasting for 30 seconds followed by a short message with this sequence repeated three times. When this siren sequence sounds, NC State personnel are being advised to do the following:


  • Seek shelter immediately.
  • Obtain information from the university home page on any additional action to be taken.
  • Stay tuned for further information until an “all clear” signal is shared by campus officials. Any campus emergency initiated by the alert system will be closed with an “all clear” signal from the system. This signal will be a “Westminster Chimes” tone followed by a short “all clear” message, with this sequence repeated three times.

University Homepage

The university uses its homepage for emergency notifications and occasionally other types of WolfAlerts. When an alert is active, a banner will appear near the top of the page. Depending on the level of alert, an advisory message or a full WolfAlert may be shared. When additional information about an event is available, it will be communicated through a “More Information” link in the banner.

Text Messaging

Active students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive WolfAlert text messages. These messages allow for direct notifications to campus though there may be delays before they are received by individual devices. Confirm your emergency contact information to receive these messages.

Alertus Desktop Notification

The university has the ability to post emergency alerts to individual computers via Alertus software. Downloads are available for university owned and privately owned computers.

OnCampus App

OnCampus App is available for download via the Apple Appstore or Android Google Play and is open for anyone to use. Emergency information is available under WolfAlerts on Apple platforms and Pack Ready on Android platforms.

Broadcast Email

Broadcast emails are delivered to all official university email accounts containing If a different email address is listed as your preferred address, follow the forwarding instructions provided by OIT to ensure all emails are delivered to the intended address.

Adverse Conditions Hotline

The university uses 919-513-8888 for a wide range of announcements, including adverse weather and emergency situations.

Billboard Screens

WolfAlerts can be delivered to more than 300 electronic billboards located in common areas across campus.

Social Media

To receive Facebook alerts, be sure to “like” the NC State WolfAlert page.