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  • Activate fire alarm pull station if in a building.
  • Immediately leave the building – and if possible – shut off equipment, stabilize experiments if you can quickly
  • Close your door, and
  • Alert others
  • Assist others in evacuating if possible. Have those you cannot assist wait in areas designated RESCUE ASSISTANCE.
  • Call Campus Police
    • campus phone 911
    • activate emergency blue light phone
  • Assemble a safe place away from danger; account for others from your office, floor, etc.
  • Person with knowledge of the situation should meet with first responders.
  • Do not re-enter the building until cleared by first responders.

EXTINGUISHING A SMALL FIRE (approx. trash-can size)

  • If you are trained, the fire is small, and the alarm has sounded, you may attempt to extinguish the fire.


  • Never use an elevator
  • Check closed doors before opening; if hot, choose alternative route.
  • Crawl if there is smoke. Take short breaths, freshest air will be near the floor.
  • If you cannot leave – stuff towel, clothing etc. under door, over vents etc. to restrict smoke and fumes.
  • Open window if possible
  • Notify Campus Police and give your exact location
    • campus phone 911
    • activate emergency blue light phone
  • Use a towel, sheet, pillowcase or clothing to hang out the window to mark your location for first responders to see.